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The Chelsea First Steering Committee consists of an group of actively involved citizens. We operate independently with fiduciary duties at the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to learn more about the Chelsea First Steering Committee, please contact:

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Contact our Directors of Web Marketing (Leslie Surel or Emily Penix) for information regarding event and directory listings, web content and advertising management:

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The Chelsea First Advisory Committee consists of the following volunteer members representing Chelsea:

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In early January of 2010, concerned citizens, along with the City and DDA of Chelsea, commissioned four focus groups which were attended by Chelsea citizens, merchants and civic organizations. The focus groups goals were to answer questions about themselves, their community and understand our common goals. As a result of the focus groups, a cross section of our community initiated the Chelsea First Steering Committee. The Chelsea First Steering committee has committed to building a comprehensive marketing initiative that will intertwine forward planning and communications and instill cohesive, fiscal campaigns.